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Prof. C. S. R. K. Prasad

Professor (HAG)

Department of Civil Engineering

National Institute of Technology, Warangal - 506004, Telangana, INDIA

: csrk@nitw.ac.in : +91 9440347348 (M), 9515890908 (M), 870-2468117(R)


Transportation Engineering 

Prof. CSRK Prasad has obtained all his three engineering degrees from REC Warangal (presently NIT Warangal). He has 33 years of teaching and research experience, mostly at NIT Warangal. He taught several courses to both B.Tech. (Civil Engineering) and M.Tech. (Transportation Engineering) students apart from guiding 262 Dissertation works and 32 Project works. Under his guidance, 7 PhDs were awarded and currently, 4 scholars are working.

Prof. Prasad has carried out seven externally funded R&D projects as principal investigator and associated with another 2 projects. He has established the MOUD Centre of Excellence on Urban Transport. He acquired expertise in several areas of Transportation Engineering, such as travel demand modelling, mass transportation planning, Traffic Engineering, ITS, Road Safety, and Low Volume Roads. He has published 138 papers in journals and conferences.

Prof. Prasad has executed several major consultancy projects (about 58) as a study team member as well as a coordinator. He is also a principal coordinator of the State Technical Agency (STA) and Principal Technical Agency (PTA) of the PMGSY programme of MoRD, GOI. He has conducted several (77) short terms programmes, workshops, and conferences/seminars. He participated in about 166 programs (conferences, seminars, workshops, short term training programs, etc). He is a member of the BOS of several institutions/universities.

Prof. Prasad has acquired vast administrative experience by holding several assigned positions like faculty in charge of TE Laboratory, Head of Transportation Division, Head of Civil Engineering, Admission Officer, Academic Nodal Officer of TEQIP II, Coordinator of Continuing Education Programme and Dean of International Relations and Alumni Affairs. He has accomplished all his tasks with utmost sincerity and dedication. He is presently Advisor to the Director on Corporate Relations and Resource Mobilisation.

Educational Qualifications:

  1. PhD in Transportation Engineering from REC, Warangal in 1997. (Thesis: Behavioural Mode Choice Models For Intercity Rail - Road Passenger Travel)
  2. M.Tech. in Transportation Engineering from REC, Warangal in 1988. (Dissertation Work: A Strategy for Improving Mass Transit Patronage of Work and Other Trips through Mode Choice Analysis).
  3. B.Tech. in Civil Engineering from REC, Warangal in 1986. (Project Work: Feasibility Study of Rail-Road Crossings in Hyderabad City)

Course Taught Previously

B.Tech. (Civil Engineering):

  • Transportation Engineering - I / Highway & Traffic Engineering / Highway Engineering
  • Transportation Engineering - II / Transportation Systems Engineering
  • Advanced Travel Demand Modelling
  • Numerical Methods / Computational Methods
  • Computer Programming and Applications

 M.Tech. (Transportation Engineering):

  • Urban Transportation Planning
  • Landuse and Regional Transportation Planning
  • Landuse and Transit System Planning
  • Advanced Travel Demand Modelling
  • Public Transportation
  • GIS for Transportation
  • Traffic Analysis & Engineering / Traffic Engineering
  • Traffic Engineering Design
  • Transportation Data Analysis
  • Transportation System Management
  • Transport Economics and Project Appraisal
  • Pavement Analysis & Design

Courses Currently Being Taught

M.Tech. (Transportation Engineering):

  • Urban Transportation Planning
  • Land Use and Transportation Planning


Summary of Publications:

Journal Papers:        International - 36; National - 16

Conference Papers: International - 45; National - 41

Details of Papers Published in Journals:

International Journals

  1. Sharma PS; SSSV Gopala Raju; M. Murali and CSRK Prasad (2007). “Assessment of Noise Level Due to Vehicular Traffic at Warangal City, India”.  International Journal of Environment and Pollution, 30 (1), 137-153, Inderscience Publishers, Switzerland (Scopus; SCIE; Impact factor 2015: 0.515) DOI: 10.1504/IJEP.2007.014508
  2. S Shankar and CSRK Prasad (2009). “Evaluation of Rutting Potential for Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumen in Asphaltic Mixes” Emirates journal for Engineering Research (ISSN: 1022-9892), 14(2) 5-9, 2009 (peer-reviewed journal). https://eng.uaeu.ac.ae/en/research/journal/index.shtml
  3. S Shankar, B. Ranjith Kumar Reddy, DSNV Amar Kumar and CSRK Prasad (2009). “Prediction of Rural Road Pavement Performance Using DCP", International Journal of Civil Engineering (IJCE) 2(1) pp-23-32. Available online at www.elixirjournal.org. (Scopus; Impact factor 2020: 2.081) https://serialsjournals.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=66&product_id=362
  4. G. Ramulu, S Shankar, Venkaiah Chowdary and CSRK Prasad (2012) “Influence of unbound material properties on rutting potential of low volume roads”, Elixir Cement & Concrete Composites 42 (2012) 6377-6382. (peer-reviewed journal). https://www.elixirpublishers.com/articles/1350723559_42%20(2012)%206377-6382.pdf
  5. Harsha Priya. K, KVR Ravi Shankar, CSRK Prasad, T.S. Reddy (2013), “Evaluation of Area Traffic Management Measures using Microscopic Simulation Model”, Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences 104: 815-824 (December 2013), (Scopus Indexed); Elsevier Publications. DOI: 10.1016/j.sbspro.2013.11.176
  6. S Shankar and CSRK Prasad (2014)."In-situ performance assessment of low volume roads in three districts of Andhra Pradesh", Elixir Civil Engineering, 75 (2014) 27835-27838, Elixir International Journal (peer-reviewed journal). https://www.elixirpublishers.com/articles/1414471794_75%20(2014)%2027835-27838.pdf
  7. Anil Modinpuroju, CSRK Prasad and Mukesh Chandra (2016). “Facility-based Planning Methodology for Rural Roads using Spatial Techniques”, Journal of Innovative Infrastructure Solutions 1(1), 41-48, DOI 10.1007/s41062-016-0041-8 Springer International Publishing. (ESCI). https://doi.org/10.1007/s41062-016-0041-8, (Scopus Indexed)
  8. K Rajkamal, T Dinesh Reddy, D Rohith, Venkaiah Chowdary and CSRK Prasad (2016), “Performance Evaluation of Gravel Road Sections Sealed with Surface Dressing” Transportation Research Procedia, 17: 81-89, Elsevier (DOI: 10.1016/j.trpro.2016.11.063). [Scopus, Cite Score 2020: 2.8]
  9. Sharat Chandra Pillalamarri, CSRK Prasad and S Shankar (2016). “Development of Empirical Model for Public Transport Modal Shares for Indian Cities”, International Journal of Advances in Mechanical and Civil Engineering, 3(3) June 2016, PP 153-157; ISSN:2394-2827. (peer-reviewed journal) DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.15132.64644
  10. Sharat Chandra Pillalamarri, CSRK Prasad and Shankar S (2016) “Sustainable Public Transport Modal Shares for Indian Cities”, Journal of Basic and Applied Engineering Research Volume 3 Issue 4, April-June 2016, PP 610-610. Krishi Sanskriti Publications; p-ISSN: 2350-0077; e-ISSN: 2350-0255.
  11. Dasari Rohith, Kakara Srikanth, Venkaiah Chowdary, and CSRK Prasad, (2016). "Performance Evaluation of Gravel Road Sections sealed using Open Graded Premixed Surfacing with Bitumen and Bitumen Emulsion as the Binders." Transp. in Developing Economies 2(2) (October 2016) 2:13; Springer International Publishing Switzerland (peer-reviewed journal) (DOI: 10.1007/s40890-016-0019-4)
  12. Villuri Mahalakshmi Naidu, CSRK Prasad and M Srinivas (2016), “Travel Parameter Modelling for Indian Cities- Regression Approach”, International Journal of Science & Engineering Development Research, 1(5), 43-48, May 2016 (peer-reviewed journal). (https://www.ijsdr.org/papers/IJSDR1605009.pdf)
  13. Villuri Mahalakshmi Naidu, Prasad CSRK, Srinivas M, and Sagar P (2017). Establishing Relationship between Travel Parameters and Trip Rate (All Modes) Using Artificial Neural Networks. Journal of Transportation Engineering and Its Applications, 2(1), (peer-reviewed journal).
  14. Anil Modinpuroju and CSRK Prasad (2017). “Design Optimal Rural Road Network Using GIS”, Archives of Transport, Volume 41, Issue 1; 63-71, ISSN (print): 0866-9546; e-ISSN (online): 2300-8830 (SCOPUS); Polish Academy of Sciences http://doi.org/10.5604/01.3001.0009.7387
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  • National Journals
  1. Chandrasekhar BP and CSRK Prasad (2005). “Urban Public Transportation: Commuter Perceptions on APSRTC Bus Services”. Urban Transport Journal, Volume 6 Number 1, January 2005, Published by Institute of Urban Transport (India), New Delhi, Scopus Indexed
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PHDs Supervised


  1. S. Shankar, 2012. Pavement Deterioration Models for Low Volume Roads
  2. Villuri Mahalakshmi Naidu, August 2019. Modelling of Trip Generation Rates for Indian Cities
  3. Anil Modinpuroju, August 2019. Facility-Based Rural Road Network Planning Using Spatial Techniques
  4. Sharat Chandra Pillalamarri, December 2019. Desirable Public Transport Shares for Indian Cities
  5. Prashanth Shekar, August 2021. A Framework for Implementation of Transit-Oriented Development 
  6. K. Sai Sahitya, 2022. Evaluation and Modelling of Urban Road Network Structure Using Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
  7. Mahaboob Peera, 2022. Development of Land Use Based Accident Prediction Models


  1. Khalil Ahmad Kakar – Mass Transportation Options for Compact Cities
  2. S Padma Tejaswi – Activity-Based Travel Demand Modelling
  3. Chintakayal Lalitha Sree – TOD
  4. M Anirudh Subramanyam – Traffic Congestion vs Public Transportation

M.Tech. Dissertations Guided (Total 262):  (List given below for the last 5 years):

  1. Boddepalli Uday (161561), 2017-2018. Optimisation Model of Cost and Time Overruns for Rural Roads.
  2. Hanu Gautam (161562), 2017-2018. Development of Bridge Management System for Rural Roads.
  3. Banoth Suresh (161703), 2017-2018. Traffic Assignment using Route Choice Modelling for Warangal City.
  4. Kali Priyo Ghosal (161712), 2017-2018. Evaluation of Black Spots in Warangal City.
  5. Sai Chaitanya Paruchuri (161715), 2017-2018. Analysis of Transport Network for Amaravati City using VISUM Software.
  6. Priya Pandey (161718), 2017-2018. Modelling Individual Activity Travel Pattern using Activity-Based Approach.
  7. Saket Puttewar (161720), 2017-2018. Travel Demand Forecasting for Gachibowli Area, Hyderabad.
  8. Isukapatla Ravi Teja (171711), 2018-2019. Modelling User Perception of Public Transit Quality Considering User and service Heterogeneity.
  9. Jadhav Mithali Sanjeev (171712), 2018-2019. Assessment of Modal Shift and Impacts of Public Bicycle Sharing Systems in Indian Conditions.
  10. Yaramala Swetha (171726), 2018-2019. Impact of Metro on Residential Property Values and Land Use in Hyderabad.
  11. Yezzu Chandrasekhar (171727), 2018-2019. Comparison of Travel Behaviour Characteristics Between Compact and Sprawl Areas of Warangal.
  12. Ankit Khatri (181702), 2019-2020. Identification and Feasibility Study of Potential BRTS Corridors and Strategic Interventions.
  13. Sai Sahithi Dosapati (181723), 2019-2020. Performance Analysis of Bus Transit Network.
  14. Bandi Venkata Narendra Reddy (191704), 2020-2021. Activity-Based Travel Choice Models.
  15. Lanka Geethika (191714), 2020-2021. Evaluation of Accessibility of Schools Using GIS.
  16. Said Manan (191726), 2020-2021. Impact of Urban Density on Mode Choice: A Case Study of Jalalabad City, Afghanistan.
  17. Sohail Asger (191730), 2020-2021. Path-Based Traffic Assignment.
  18. Vadde Akhil (191733), 2020-2021. Freight Trip Generation Modelling.
  19. Ashar Khan (201605), 2021-2022. Sustainability through Walking and Cycling (To be Completed by June 2022)
  20. R Bhargav (201619), 2021-2022. The Vehicle Routing Problem for Goods Distribution in a city (To be completed by June 2022)
  21. Shubham Pandey (201623), 2021-2022. Impact of Electric Vehicles on Urban Travel (To be completed by June 2022)



Workshop/SSTPs/Conference Organized (Total 77) (Last 5 years' data is given below)

  1. Short Term Training Programmes (STTPs) – Continuing Education Programmes / Executive Development Programmes
  1. Five Day GIAN Course on “Implementation of Advanced Transportation Management Systems (ATMS)”, sponsored by MHRD, GOI through IIT Kharagpur during 04-08 September 2017. Foreign Expert: Dr. Murthy Gummada, ASHTO, Washington DC, USA. (Co-coordinator: Dr. KVR Ravishankar)
  2. Five Day GIAN Course on “Decision Tools for Selection and Evaluation of Transportation Projects, sponsored by MHRD, GOI through IIT Kharagpur during 22-26 January 2018. Foreign Expert: Dr. Stephen P. Mattingly, University of Texas at Arlington (UTA), USA. (Co-coordinator: Dr. Venkaiah Chowdary)
  3. Five Day GIAN Course on “Transport and the Environment”, sponsored by MHRD, GOI through IIT Kharagpur during 06-10 August 2018. Foreign Expert: Prof. Mohan Venigalla. (Co-coordinator: Dr. S. Shankar)
  4. Five Days Training Program on “Road Safety Engineering Measures”, sponsored by AITD, New Delhi and MoRTH, GOI, New Delhi during 27-31 August 2018.
  5. Five Day GIAN Course on “Sustainable Mobility and Transportation: Innovative Approaches and Solutions”, sponsored by MHRD, GOI through IIT Kharagpur during 10-14 December 2018. Foreign Expert: Dr. Angela Jain, Technical University, Berlin. (Co-Coordinator: Dr. KVR Ravi Shankar)
  6.  Five Day GIAN Course on “Transportation in a High Tech, Automated and Connected Vehicle World”, sponsored by MHRD, GOI through IIT Kharagpur during 16-20 September 2019. Foreign Expert: Dr. Edward J. Seymour, Texas A&M Transportation Institute, USA. (Co-Coordinator: Dr. Arpan Mehar)
  7. Five Day FDP on “Global Road Safety Issues and Challenges”, sponsored by TEQIP-III, NIT Warangal, during 07-11 December 2020 (Co-Coordinator: Dr. KB Raghuram)
  8. Three Day Executive Development Program on “New Technology Initiatives in Rural Roads and Use of Marginal Materials”, sponsored by NRIDA, MoRD, GOI, New Delhi during 18-20 February 2021
  9. Three Day Executive Development Program on “Design of Flexible and Rigid Pavements for Rural Roads”, sponsored by NRIDA, MoRD, GOI, New Delhi during 22-24 February 2021
  10. Three Day Executive Development Program on “Quality Control, Material Testing Procedures and Laboratory Practices”, sponsored by NRIDA, MoRD, GOI, New Delhi during 25-27 February 2021.
  11. Three Day Executive Development Program on “Road Safety and Road Safety Audit for Rural Roads”, sponsored by NRIDA, MoRD, GOI, New Delhi during 01-03 March 2021.
  12. Three Day Executive Development Program on “Planning, Design and Construction of Culverts and Bridges”, sponsored by NRIDA, MoRD, GOI, New Delhi during 11-13 March 2021.
  13. Three Day Executive Development Program on “New Technology Initiatives in Rural Roads and Use of Marginal Materials”, sponsored by NRIDA, MoRD, GOI, New Delhi during 17-19 February 2022 (Co-Coordinators: Dr. Venkaiah Chowdary and Dr. S. Shankar).
  14. Three Day Executive Development Program on “New Technology Initiatives in Rural Roads and Use of Marginal Materials”, sponsored by NRIDA, MoRD, GOI, New Delhi during 24-26 February 2022 (Co-Coordinators: Dr. Venkaiah Chowdary and Dr. S. Shankar).
  15. Three Day Executive Development Program on “Construction and Quality Control of Flexible and Rigid Pavements”, sponsored by NRIDA, MoRD, GOI, New Delhi during 03-05 March 2022 (Co-Coordinators: Dr. Venkaiah Chowdary and Dr. S. Shankar).
  16. Three Day Executive Development Program on “Planning, Design and Construction of PMGSY Roads”, sponsored by NRIDA, MoRD, GOI, New Delhi during 24-26 March 2022 (Co-Coordinators: Dr. Venkaiah Chowdary and Dr. S. Shankar).
  1. Workshops
  1. Two Day workshop on “Role of Alumni in Skill Development, Unnat Bharat Abhiyan and Entrepreneurship Development”, sponsored by TEQIP III, NIT Warangal during 9-10 October 2017
  1. Seminars, Conferences & Symposiums
  1. 5th Colloquium on Transportation Systems Engineering and Management, sponsored by TEQIP during 17-19 May 2018
  2. National Conference on “Evaluation of World Class Technical Institutions – Issues & Concerns (EWCTI2018) during 10-12 October 2018
  3. Diamond Jubilee International Alumni Meet and National Conference on “Transforming NIT Warangal as a World Class Technical Institute – Role of Alumni”, during 10-12 October 2019
  1. Others
  1. Passport Seva Camp at NIT Warangal, 11-12 February 2017; sponsored by NIT Warangal and RPO, Hyderabad.
  2. Teachers’ Day Celebrations 2017 (Best faculty Awards 2017 were presented); 05 September 2017; sponsored by NIT Warangal, NITW Alumni Association and Student Council, NITW
  3. Institute Foundation Cum Alumni Day Function 2017 (Distinguished Alumni Awards 2017 were presented); 10 October 2017; sponsored by NIT Warangal

Workshop/SSTPs/Conference Attended (Total 166) (Last 5 years' data is given below)

Short Term Training Programmes (STTPs) (Continuing Education Programmes (CEPs) Attended

  1. 26th Capacity Building Programme on Sustainable Urban Transport from 15th to 17th May 2017 at MCR HRDI, Hyderabad; organised by IUT New Delhi (Participated on 15 May 2017; Delivered Expert Talk on "Urban Transport Planning")
  2. MoUD Capacity Building Programme on Sustainable Urban Transport at Anna Institute of Management, Chennai organised by IUT, New Delhi from 26th to 28th July 2017 (Participated on 26 July 2017; Delivered the following Talks: 1). Urban Transport Planning and 2). Demand Assessment and Travel Demand Modelling)
  3. Training Program on Road Safety and Work Zone Safety Audit for NHAI Officials at Sholapur, Maharashtra; 17-18 May 2017; organised by InfoTrans Engineers, Hyderabad (Delivered the following Expert Talks: 1. Road Safety - Indian Scenario; 2. Vulnerable Road Users; 3. Crash Analysis and Reduction)
  4. Connect Karo 2019: Urban Transitions – Preparing for the Next Decade; organised by WRI India at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi during 28-29 March 2019
  5. SAHGE 2019 organised by IITM Chennai during 20-24 May 2019
  6. IEEE-ABET Webinar on Accreditation and Quality of Engineering Education in South Asia, organized by IEEE India Council on 08 July 2020.
  7. Online Training Sessions on “Orientation and Adoption of NISP at HEI Level and Policy Implementation Strategy and Progress Monitoring at HEI Level”, Organised by AICTE Startup Policy Implementation Committee, New Delhi on 7th & 21st August 2020.
  8. Technical Webinar on “Role of Road Safety Audits in Improving Traffic Safety”, organised by Qatar Transportation and Traffic Safety Center (QTTSC) and International Road Federation (IRF), during 08-10 November 2020.
  9. Two Day Training on “Practices and Trends in Regulation of Operations and Financing Options for Electric Buses and Electric Auto-Rickshaws”, organised by UMTC Ltd., New Delhi during 7-8 September 2021.

Workshops Attended

  1. Joint Workshop on Mobility, Employability and Internationalisation of Indian Higher Education System at BITS Pilani Goa; 04-06 July 2017; organised by Erasmus Mundus Committee
  2. One-day launch workshop of Additional Financing for PMGSY Rural Roads Project by NRIDA, MoRD & World Bank on 20th July 2018 at New Delhi
  3. One-day workshop on Criteria for Establishing COE in Road Safety, organised by AITD, New Delhi on 23 April 2019
  4. Orientation Workshop on “Outcome Based Education and Accreditation for Program Evaluators (PEVs)”, organised by NBA, New Delhi on 31 August 2019.
  5. National Workshop on PMGSY Revisited, organised by NRIDA, MoRD, GOI, New Delhi, 17-18 December 2019.
  6. Workshop to Deliberate on Research Studies by IUT at Delhi, 31 January 2020.
  7. Two Days National Webinar/Video Workshop on “Inculcation of Research Culture in Academic Institutions (IRCAI), organised by NIT Jamshedpur during 5-6 September 2020.
  8. Orientation Webinar on Outcome Based Education and Accreditation for Program Evaluators organised by NBA New Delhi on 01 February 2021
  9. Destination South India: Virtual Workshop on Hosting US Study Abroad Students, Organised by US Consulate General Chennai and IIT Madras during 15-18, November 2021.

Seminars / Conferences / Symposiums Attended

  1. One day Seminar on "Special Road Project for LWE Affected Areas" at NIRD&PR Hyderabad; 11 April 2017; organised by NRRDA, New Delhi
  2. Information Seminar on "Study in Europe" at SP Pune University, Pune; 12-13 April 2017; being organised by Academic Cooperation Association (ACA), Brussels
  3. Innovation & Entrepreneurship in the Smart Cities of India (I&ESC2018), organised by Ureka, UK & ISB Hyderabad at ISB Hyderabad on 30 November 2018
  4. UN-ESCAP Regional Seminar on Road Safety, hosted by AITD, New Delhi during 24-25 April 2019
  5. ESRI India User Conference 2019 at Hyderabad on 20 August 2019
  6. One Day Seminar on "Road Safety Audit for Improvement of Traffic Safety" organised by the Institution of Engineers (India) Telangana State Centre in association with R&B Department, GoT at Hyderabad on 26 August 2019.


  1. ADBI-WCRTS Webinar 2 on High-Speed Rail (HSR) – Transportation Services During Pandemics: Reforming Transport and Living Work Systems for Resiliency and Quality of Life on 12 June 2020
  2. Alumni Leadership Program, organised by Vaave, Hyderabad on 4, 11, 18, 25 July, and 1, 8 August 2020.
  3. Indo-German Forum on Cities and Climate, Organised by DWIH New Delhi during 16-17 March 2021
  4. iRAP Training: “World Bank and iRAP helping save lives in Africa BIGRS 2020-25”, organised by the World Bank GRSF and iRAP New Delhi on 06, 09, 13 & 16 July 2021



Sponsored R&D Projects


Project Title

Position held



Establishment of Permanent Traffic Counting Stations in Joint collaboration with R&B Department, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh Sponsored by Ministry of Transport, Govt. of India (R-3 Phase III Project) – 1992-97


1992- 97


Weigh in motion Project – sponsored by Ministry of Transport, Govt. of India


1997- 2000


Analysis, Modelling and Management of Air Pollution due to Motor Traffic Under Multimodal Environment – sponsored by MHRD, New Delhi (INR 5.00 lakhs)

Principal Investigator



Strengthening and Up gradation of Centre for Transportation Engineering – Level I FIST project – sponsored by DST, GOI, New Delhi (INR 20.00 lakhs)

Principal Investigator



Rural Road Pavement Performance Study – Sponsored by NRRDA, Ministry of Rural Development, GOI (INR 10.00 lakhs)

Principal Investigator



CRRI – SUPRA Project: Road User Cost Study for National Highways (Rs 6.30 lakhs)

Principal Coordinator



Sustainable Hyderabad Project – a) Corridor Improvement using Microsimulation, b) Bus Route Network Evaluation sponsored by PTV Vision, Germany (INR 9.00 lakhs)

Principal Coordinator



Sealing of Gravel Roads – sponsored by NRRDA, MORD, GOI & PRED, GoAP (INR 19.50 lakhs)

Principal Investigator



Centre for Urban Transportation Study – A COE on UT sponsored by MOUD, GOI (INR 1.3250 crores)

Principal Coordinator



Development of Trip Generation Manual for Indian Cities, Sponsored by CSIR-CRRI, New Delhi (INR 8.14 lakhs)




Performance Evaluation of Emulsion Treated Base Layers in Low Volume Roads; Scheme: TARE, DST SERB in association with StGITS Kottayam, Kerala (INR 18.30 lakhs)




Impacts of COVID-19 on Travel Behaviour and Its Association with Shared Mobility in Developing Countries Context, Scheme: India Japan Science and Technology Cooperation


Under Process


Major Consultancy Projects Executed (As a Study Team Member & Principal Coordinator):



Project Title

Amount, INR

Sponsored by



Feasibility Study of Hyderabad-Vijayawada Expressway (BOT Road)


M/s HUDA, RAO & RAO, Hyderabad



Development of Diversion Curves for Rau-Pithampur Link Road in Madhya Pradesh


BMRDA, Mumbai



Axle Load Spectrum Studies Using Weigh-in-Motion on Gudihatnoor-Palakollu Road


STUP Consultants, New Delhi



Road Unevenness Studies on Highways in Kothagudem, Warangal and Bhongiri Divisions of R&B Dept. and on Rajiv Rahadari


R&B Department, Govt. of AP



Traffic Improvement Plans for Tirupati (Tirupati Area Transportation Study, TATS)


TTD, Tirupati



Database Studies for HATS, DB-HATS II


HUDA, Hyderabad



Pavement Evaluation Studies for State Highway at Piduguralla


KMC, Hyderabad



Parking Studies at Tirumala


TTD, Tirupati



Demand Estimation for Hyderabad Suburban Passenger Travel


HUDA, Hyderabad



Pavement Evaluation Studies and Load Spectrum studies for NH5 section from Visakhapatnam to Ichapuram


Sheladia-MRC-PVB JV, Visakhapatnam



Pavement Evaluation Studies and Load Spectrum studies for NH5 section from Eluru to Rajahmundry,


Aarvee Associates, Hyderabad



Rehabilitation and Upgradation of NH7 (22km on either side of Hyderabad)


MC Consulting Engineers (P) Ltd., Hyderabad



Evaluation of Traffic Projections and Economic Feasibility of Raipur Bypass Road, Chattisgarh


M/s Capital Fortunes Ltd., Hyderabad



Road Commuter Behaviour Study


APSRTC, Hyderabad



Pedestrian Grade Separation under MUTP


HUDA, Hyderabad



Technical Feasibility Study of Road Link Connecting Rajbhavan Road at Makta and Fatehnagar Bridge along Existing Railway Track and Its Extension to Hyderabad Public School.


MCH, Hyderabad



Techno-Economical Feasibility Study of Prposed Flyovers in Vijayawada City.


VGTM UDA, Vijayawada



Technical Scrutiny of Detailed Project Reports of Rural Roads under PMGSY, NRRDA, MoRD, GOI [State Technical Agency (STA) & Principal Technical Agency (PTA)]





Development of Road Safety Manual for the Engineers of R&B Department, GoAP


R&B Department, GoAP, Hyderabad



Rural Road Traffic Volume Study





Traffic Expert for Scrutiny of Geometric Designs of Hyderabad Outer Ring Road


HGCL, HMDA, Hyderabad



Pavement Design and Quality Control Study for Roads in Mines; (2008-10)


M/s Singareni Colleries Company Ltd., Kothagudem



Traffic Advisor, Patel Ecocity, Bangalore


M/s Patel Realty (India) Ltd., Mumbai



Rural Road GIS


PRED, GoAP, Hyderabad



Evaluation of RI for and Road Safety Audit of P.V. Narsimha Rao Elevated Expressway Project from Mehdipatnam to Aramghar Junction, Hyderabad


Simplex Infrastructures Limited, Hyderabad, A.P.



Quality Control Inspections on BT Roads


M/s Singareni Colleries Company Ltd., Kothagudem



Third Party Quality Checks for Road Works


M/s Singareni Colleries Company Ltd., Kothagudem



Testing of DGBM, DBM & SDBC


CPWD Warangal



Provision of Levelling and Resurfacing of Road at Air Force Academy, Dundigal, Hyderabad


Air Force Academy, Dundigal, Hyderabad



Testing of Subgrade Soil and Design of Cement Concrete Road


FCI Kazipet, Warangal, Telangana



Material Characterisation & Mix Design: Construction and Resurfacing of Various Roads


SCCL, Bhupalpalli Area, Warangal



Determining the CBR value of the existing WBM roads in Medak District


PRED, Govt. Of Telangana



Material Characterisation & Bituminous Mix Designs: Singareni Collieries Company Limited, Mandamarri Area, Adilabad (Dist.), Telangana


SCCL, Kothagudem



Third party quality checks for diversion road work and cross drainage works at RKOCP, Testing of WMB layers at Sthambampally Village, Geesugonda (M), Warangal (Dist.), Telangana


SCCL, Kothagudem



Testing of WMB layers at Sthambampally Village, Geesugonda (M), Warangal (Dist.), Telangana


SCCL, Kothagudem



Tirumala Traffic Study


TTD, Tirupati



Material Testing & Third-Party QC Tests


SCCL, Adilabad



Advice for Construction of CC Pavements


R&B Dept. Kurnool



Traffic study for improvement of roadway traffic junctions and dividers in Siddipet town, Telangana; sponsored by Siddipet Municipality


Siddipet Municipality



Testing of Aggregates


Railway Contractor, Adilabad



Traffic study to improve transport/road usage in Karimnagar city, Telangana


Karimnagar Municipality



Conducting traffic survey and design of traffic junctions and traffic circulation in roads of Tirupati


TTD Tirupati



QC Tests on Bituminous Mixes


R&B Dept Warangal



Job Mix Design for DBM & SDBC


Air Force Academy, Dindigal



Bitumen Tests & QCTests


R&B Dept. Warangal



Traffic Simulation Study on RGIA Roundabouts, Hyderabad


Sheladia Associates, Hyderabad



Road Signage and Marking Plan for Vijayawada City


GeoVista Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad



Yadadri-Warangal Pavement Design Proof Checking


NHAI Warangal



Performance Evaluation of Four Roads Constructed using Terrazyme


Avijeet Agencies, Chennai



Road Design Vetting


SVC Projects Visakhapatnam



Bidar Runway Mix Designs


Air Force Station, Bidar, Karnataka



Bitumen Emulsion Testing


ROADMIX India Pvt. Ltd., Kolkata



Bitumen Testing


R&B Dept., Kurnool



Railway Track Material Testing


SCR Hyderabad



Bitumen Emulsion Testing


Pragna Test House & Engg Services Pvt. Ltd., Guntur



Bitumen Testing


Greenko Group, Hyderabad



Laboratory and Field Testing of Pavement Layers


R&B Dept., Asifabad



Failure Investigation of NHs


NHAI Warangal

Awards and Honors

  •  DAAD Fellowship for 5 weeks during May & June 2011 (Humbolt University, Berlin and PTV Group, Karlsru, Germany)

  • Governor Silver Medal for organising Blood Donation Camps @ NIT Warangal during 2011-12.

  • Swachhta Award 2017 for implementing Swachh Bharat Abhiyan by converting Shambunipally village (Warangal Urban District) into ODF with solid and liquid waste management facility under Unnat Bharat Abhiyan, presented by Honourable Minister, MHRD, GOI, New Delhi on 14th September 2017.

  • Scholarships Obtained:

    • National Merit Scholarship during Intermediate and B. Tech. Degree

    • UGC Fellowship during M. Tech. Degree

    • GOI Research Fellowship during Ph.D. Degree

  • LEAP Training

    • @ NIEPA, New Delhi (Indian Component) during 03-12 February 2019

    • @ SBS, Oxford University, UK (Foreign Component) during 13-19 February 2019

Additional Responsibility

  1. Advisor (Corporate Relations and Resource Mobilisation): 24-12-2019 to till date
  2. Dean, International Relations and Alumni Affairs: 5 – 09 – 2014 to 17 – 10 – 2017
  3. Local Coordinator – Global Initiative Academic Network (GIAN), MHRD Initiative; 2015-2017
  4. Professor in Charge, International Relations and Alumni Affairs, 27th June 2013 to 4th September 2014.
  5. Academic Nodal Officer, TEQIP II, NIT Warangal, 2010 to October 2014.
  6. Admission Officer for the Academic Year 2009-10.
  7. Assistant Admission Officer for the Academic Year 2006-07.
  8. Chairman, Youth Red Cross, NIT Warangal in association with Indian Red Cross Society, Warangal, July 2010 to June 2016
  9. Coordinator, Continuing Education, 2007 to 2010.
  10. Faculty In Charge, Visitors Block and Continuing Education Building, 2008-2010
  11. Head, Department of Civil Engineering, NIT Warangal, 11th January 2012 to 30th June 2013.
  12. Head, Transportation Division, May 2002 to July 2005. March 2006 to March 2018.