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Prof. T. P. Tezeswi

Associate Professor

Department of Civil Engineering

National Institute of Technology, Warangal - 506004, Telangana, INDIA

: tezeswi[at]nitw[dot]ac[dot]in : 8332969423

Dr. Tadepalli is currently an Associate Professor at NIT Warangal. He has a background in structural engineering and mechanics. His areas of expertise include structural dynamics, nonlinear finite element analysis, composite materials, vibration testing, photo elastic testing, high strain rate SHPB testing, shock testing, multi-scale modeling, micro-mechanics and imaging based non-destructive evaluation. His overarching interest lies in studying the response of materials, structures and infrastructure systems to natural and man-made hazards.

He works in the area of experimental characterization and analytic modelling of material and structure response to shock and high strain rate loading. As an Assistant Professor at University of Mississippi, USA, Dr. Tadepalli coordinated the setup and operations of a Shock Tube based Blast Testing Simulator which simulates blast phenomenon in the laboratory accurately without the need for dangerous TNT and explosive chemicals, as well as a Split Hopkinson Bar system for high strain rate testing of materials at University of Mississippi. Dr. Tadepalli also worked on the development of novel computational modeling methodologies to predict multi-scale behavior of cementitious materials under ballistic and shock loading conditions.

Dr. Tadepalli has previously worked as a Senior Engineer at Hinman Consulting Engineers, San Francisco, CA, where his job responsibilities included blast vulnerability assessments, hazard mitigation, and retrofit design for various facilities and infrastructure, technical guidance to engineers, proposal writing, technical innovation and development of novel analysis procedures. Dr. Tadepalli has also worked as the Project Engineer for NEESiT at UCSD, which is a national network and involved working with a variety of researchers from various universities across the US, for managing earthquake engineering and structural response data from laboratory experiments as well as hybrid simulations.

Dr. Tadepalli obtained his PhD in 2009 from the University of Mississippi. His area of research was multi-hazard (blast, seismic and wind) vulnerability assessment of reinforced concrete frame building structures. He obtained his MS in 2003 wherein he developed FEA software based on a novel analytical methodology, for modeling the linear dynamic and nonlinear quasi-static response of mechanically joined structures composed of pultruded composite sections.

Dr.Tadepalli has publications in various reputed journals and is also a reviewer for several reputed journals. He holds a US patent and has an EIT certification from Michigan. He is a member of Chi Epsilon Honor Society. He has served as PI on prestigious projects funded through IMPRINT-1, IMPRINT-2 , DRDO-ARDB and as Co-PI  on projects funded by DoD, USA.

He has served as a member on National Level Committees such as- Peer Review Committee for Project on Development of Wheeled APC 6X6, DRDO-VRDE, Ahmednagar as well as Reviewer for  SERB -IMPRINT proposals and CSIR-FIRST proposals.



Personal Website: https://sites.google.com/site/tezeswi/welcome-to-tezeswi-tadepallis-web-page

IRINS: https://nitw.irins.org/profile/66915

Google Scholar: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=TAaLjmEAAAAJ&hl=en

Research Gate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Tezeswi-Tadepalli



Ph.D., University Of Mississippi, USA

Civil Engineering, concentration in structural mechanics (2009).

Dissertation: Performance Assessment Methodology and Multi-hazard Evaluation of Blast Resistance of RC Frame Structures Designed in Moderate Seismic Zones Based on FE Simulations.

Advisor: Dr. Christopher Louis Mullen, Dept. of Civil Engg., University of Mississippi, USA


M.S., University Of Mississippi, USA

Civil Engineering, concentration in structural mechanics & earthquake engineering (2003).

Thesis: Interactive Computational Tools for Simulating Linear Dynamic Response and Nonlinear Quasi-Static Damage in Composite Structures


B.E., Karnataka University, India

Civil Engineering, First Class with Distinction, (2000).



Associate Professor, July 18, 2022- onwards, Department of Civil Engineering, Structures Division, National Institute of Technology, Warangal, T.S., India


Assistant Professor, Jan. 31, 2014 - July 17, 2022, Department of Civil Engineering, Structures Division, National Institute of Technology, Warangal, T.S., India


  • UG Teaching: Concrete Technology Laboratory, Engineering Mechanics,  Theory of Structures-1
  • PG Teaching: Quantitative Methods in Construction Management, Theory and Applications of Cement Composites, Project Planning & Mgmt, Structural Stability, Construction Mgmt. Software Laboratory, Construction Project Studio, Engineering Structures Software Laboratory.
  • Guiding B.Tech final year projects, M.Tech and PhD Dissertations.
  • Active participation in consultancy projects and grant proposals.
  • Faculty in-charge: Institutional firefighting system management & maintenance,  Astronomy Club, International Students
  • Member of various institutional committees


Assistant Professor (Research), March 2013-Jan 2014, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of, Mississippi, USA

Experimental characterization and analytical modeling of high-strain rate dynamic response of composite materials and structures. Development of novel computational modeling methodologies for predicting the multi-scale behavior of cementitious materials and armored glass under ballistic and blast loading conditions.


  • Teaching responsibilities included the undergraduate Structures and Dynamics laboratory (ME416) and Introductory Mechanics course (ENGR309).
  • Participation in departmental ABET accreditation process.
  • Managing the regular operations, inventory and supervision of graduate students at the Blast and Impact Dynamics Lab.
  • Mentoring and training of graduate students (MS-1, PhDs-3) in computational and experimental research methods.
  • Performing high-strain rate experiments with a two-stage shock tube and Split-Hopkinson Bar apparatus for characterizing the dynamic response of advanced materials and structures.
  • Experimental and analytical characterization of energy dissipation and high strain rate dynamic response of Vertically Aligned Carbon Nano Tubes.
  • Molecular dynamics simulation of glass.
  • Active submission of grant proposals and publication of journal articles.




Post Doctoral Research Associate, Oct. 2009- March 2013, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Mississippi, USA

Conducting experimental and computational research in characterizing high strain rate and shock response of sandwich composite panels for use in blast and impact resistant composite super-structures of Navy ships.

Additional responsibilities-

  • Coordinated the commissioning and regular operations of a Split Hopkinson Bar system (compression and tension) and two-stage Shock Tube at the Blast and Impact Dynamics Lab.
  • Performed high-strain rate experiments with a two-stage shock tube and Split-Hopkinson Bar apparatus for characterizing the dynamic response of advanced materials and structures
  • Actively participated in grant proposal submissions.
  • Taught undergraduate mechanics courses and guest lectured graduate courses. Participation in departmental ABET accreditation process.
  • Conducted research in multi-scale modeling of cementitious materials.
  • Mentored and trained graduate students (MS Minority, PhD International) in computational and experimental methods as well as operation of high strain rate and quasi-static material testing equipment.


Project Engineer/Post Doc, Oct. 2008 to Sept. 2009NEES Cyber infrastructure Center, SDSC, UC San Diego, USA

Responsibilities included coordinating between NEESit and Earthquake Engineering researchers at various experimental facilities across USA and delivery of technology tools and infrastructure to enable researchers to remotely participate in experiments, organize data, and collaborate with colleagues. Additional activities-

  • Conducted training and outreach activities for the user community and provided feedback on software usability to software developers.
  • Provided domain expertise as structural engineer so that software products are better tailored to the needs of the community.
  • Initiated and actively participated in proposals for multi-disciplinary projects and built collaborative teams between faculty and researchers at UMiss and UCSD.
  • Skill sets: business analysis, awareness of research community requirements and software development cycle.


Graduate Research Assistant, Aug. 2001 to Jul. 2003 and Jan. 2005 to Dec. 2007, Center for Community

Earthquake Preparedness, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Mississippi, USA

Research work in structural dynamics, finite element modeling, composite materials, earthquake engineering, blast response of RC structures and multi-hazard mitigation.

  • Developed Matlab code for analysis of multi-degree-of -freedom linear elastic structures subjected to earthquake and shock loading using implicit and explicit direct integration and modal analysis; Elasto-plastic analysis of single-degree-of-freedom structures subjected to shock loading, 2005.
  • Constructed portable shake table for earthquake simulation as part of educational outreach program, at the University of Mississippi, 2005.
  • Conducted loss assessments for various earthquake and wind hazard scenarios using HAZUS-MH and involved in conducting survey for populating the HAZUS building stock database, as part of the Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan (DRU) for the University of Mississippi, 2005.
  • Developed a Matlab-based FEA code for nonlinear analysis of laminated composite frame structures with user defined input for arbitrary material multi-linear hardening stress-strain curves. Sponsored by NASA EpsCor, 2003.




Senior Engineer, Jan. 2008 to Sept. 2008, Hinman Consulting Engineers, Inc., San Francisco, CA, USA

Blast vulnerability assessments, hazard mitigation and retrofit design for various facilities and infrastructure, technical support to engineers, proposal writing, technical innovation and development of analysis procedures.

  • DB Nuclear Power Plant,Performed blast vulnerability assessment of underground structure. The goal of the analysis was to locate potential vulnerabilities in the system. Flooding in an underground tunnel subsequent to the blast spall and breach event was determined. Analysis of the potential flooding consequences for the worst-case pipe breach in the interdiction room, including the residual water height was conducted. Analyzed the internal air-blast from a charge and the resultant gas overpressure in the interdiction room, including survivability of the interdiction team, 2008
  • UN Curtainwall Assessment-Peer Review,New York, NY., Performed peer review of curtain wall blast resistant design for the UN-Complex Capital Master Plan, New York. Reviewed designs and calculations for accuracy, consistency, and adequacy in accordance with set criteria, 2008
  • Shockey Precast NNCF-Warrenton,Virginia.. Performed blast analysis of structureconsisting of precast pre-stressed beams, RC flat slab roof, precast concrete columns, shallow foundation on  spread footing connected with grade beams. Performed design of precast exterior wall panel, pre-stressed double-tee-beams and pre-stressed inverted girders and determined connection capacities under air-blast loading, 2008
  • Transamerica Building,San Francisco, CA.. Performed blast analysis of high-rise structure consisting of composite steel and concrete members for a large vehicular threat, 2008
  • COPT UFC Compliance Studies, Building Assessments-Group2Project Engineer. Project involved dynamic studies of roof and facade of existing building. The response of members in various pressure zones was analyzed. Recommendations were made for retrofit /upgrade of roofing members and curtain wall.
  • GSA Omaha Complex,Project Engineer. Project involved dynamic analysis of roof and pre-cast wall panels. Columns were checked for axial capacity and upgrades were recommended.
  • Singapore Blast WallProject Engineer. Determined blast pressure at a facility, for various weapons and weapon locations, using HCE blast.


Junior Consultant, Sept. 2000 to Jul. 2001, Reynolds Engineering Consultants, Hyderabad, India

Design of industrial steel structures and reinforced concrete multistory residential complexes, estimation, preparation of structural drawings and site inspection.



Course Taught Previously


Department of Civil Engineering, NIT Warangal.

  • Instructor, July-Dec 2023, CE 5215 Theory and Applications of Cement Composites (Mtech-ES), CE 5204 Structures & Dynamics Lab (Mtech-ES), CE 5267 Blast Resistant Design (Self Study), CE 401 Constuction Technology &  Project Management,  CE Material Testing- Lab, Dissertation Part-A.

  • Instructor, Jan-May 2023,  CE 5251 Structural Stability (Mtech-ES),  CE 5255 Structural Engineering Laboratory (MTech-ES), CE7219 Advanced Cement Composites (Self Study).

  • Instructor, July-Dec 2022, CE 5215 Theory and Applications of Cement Composites (Mtech-ES), CE 5204 Structures & Dynamics Lab (Mtech-ES), Seminar-I,  Dissertation Part-A. 

  • Instructor, Jan-May 2022,  CE 5251 Structural Stability (Mtech-ES),  CE 5255 Structural Engineering Laboratory (MTech-ES), CE 5298 Seminar-II (Mtech-ES).

  • Instructor, July-Dec 2021, CE 5215 Theory and Applications of Cement Composites (Mtech-ES), CE 5204 Structures & Dynamics Lab (Mtech-ES),  Dissertation Part-A. 

  • Instructor, Jan-May 2021,  CE 5251 Structural Stability (Mtech-ES),  Seminar-II (Mtech-ES), Engineering Mechanics (Dec-Mar 2021).
  • Instructor, July-Dec 2020, CE 5215 Theory and Applications of Cement Composites (Mtech-ES), CE 5248 Seminar-I (Mtech-ES).

  • Instructor, Jan-May 2020, CE 5251 Structural Stability (Mtech-ES), Concrete Technology Lab (B.Tech-3rd Yr).

  • Instructor, July-Dec 2019, Project Planning and Management (Mtech-CTM), Engineering Mechanics (B.Tech-1st Yr),  Quality Control Laboratory (Mtech-CTM).

  • Instructor, Jan-May 2019, Structural Stability (Mtech-ES), QMCM (Mtech-CTM), Construction Project Studio (Mtech-CTM).

  • Instructor, July-Dec 2018, Project Planning and Management (Mtech-CTM), Engineering Mechanics, Quality Control Laboratory(Mtech-CTM).

  • Instructor, Dec-Apr 2019, Qualitative Methods of Construction Management (Mtech-CTM), Structural Stability (Mtech-ES), Civil Engineering Software Laboratory (B.Tech -3rd yr).

  • Instructor, July-Dec 2018, Project Planning and Management (Mtech-CTM), Theory and Applications of Cement Composites (Mtech-ES), Quality Control Laboratory(Mtech-CTM).

  • Instructor, Dec-Apr 2018, Qualitative Methods of Construction Management (Mtech-CTM), Structural Stability (Mtech-ES), Civil Engineering Software Laboratory (B.Tech -3rd yr).

  • Instructor, July-Dec 2017:  Engineering Mechanics (B.Tech  1st yr), Theory and Applications of Cement Composites (Mtech-ES),  Project Planning and Management (Mtech-CTM), Construction Mgmt. Software Laboratory (Mtech-CTM),  Engineering Structures Laboratory (Mtech-ES).

  •  Instructor, Dec-Apr 2017: Qualitative Methods of Construction Management (Mtech-CTM), Structural Stability (Mtech-ES), Civil Engineering Software Laboratory (B.Tech -3rd yr).

  •  Instructor, July-Dec 2016: Project Planning and Management (Mtech-CTM), Theory and Applications of Cement Composites(Mtech-ES).

  •  Instructor, Jan-May 2016: Civil Engineering Software Laboratory (B.Tech -3rd yr), Structural Stability (Mtech-ES), QMCM (Mtech-CTM).

  •  Instructor, July-Dec 2015: Theory of Structures-1 (B.Tech -3rd yr, 2 sections), Theory and Applications of Cement Composites (Mtech-ES).

  •  Instructor, Jan-May 2015: Qualitative Methods of Construction Management (Mtech-CTM), Structural Stability (Mtech-ES), Civil Engineering Software Laboratory (B.Tech -3rd yr).

  •  Instructor, July-Dec 2014: Engineering Mechanics (B.Tech  1st yr), Theory and Applications of Cement Composites (Mtech-ES), Construction Mgmt. Software Laboratory (Mtech-CTM),   Engineering Structures Laboratory (Mtech-ES).

  •  Instructor, Jan-May 2014: Qualitative Methods of Construction Management (Mtech-CTM), Concrete Laboratory (B.Tech-2nd yr).


Courses Developed at NITW:

  • CE 5267 Blast Resistant Design , M.Tech ES, Elective
  • CE 5204 Structures & Dynamics Lab, M.Tech ES, Core

Laboratories Developed at NITW:

  • Structures & Dynamics Lab, M.Tech, ES, Core


University of Mississippi

  •  Instructor,  Spring 2010- 2013: Statics, ENGR 309, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Mississippi (approx. 60-110 students/semester). Topics -vector algebra, resultants, equilibrium, friction, centroids, inertia, trusses, machines and frames, beam shear and moments. Preparation of dossier ensuring ABET accreditation. ABET Outcomes Assessed: a, b, f, h

  •  Instructor, Fall 2009- 2013: ME416, Structures & Dynamics Lab, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Mississippi (approx. 25 students /semester) Delivering lectures, supervision of all graduate TAs assigned to the course, preparation of ABET dossier. ABET Outcomes Assessed: a, b, c, d, e, h

  • Guest Lecturer, Fall 2010- 2012:  ME 524, Introduction to Materials Modeling,  Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Mississippi. (Instructor: Prof. A.M. Rajendaran) Topics-continuum mechanics, damage mechanics, and theory of plasticity.  Delivered lectures on stress and strain tensors, Eulerian and Lagrangian descriptions.

  • Guest Lecturer, Spring 2010: ENGR 590, FEA-I,  Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Mississippi. (Instructor: Prof. Chris Mullen)  Delivered lectures on Galerkin formulation of rod, beam and frame elements.

  • Teaching Assistant, Fall 2005 & 2006: ME416, Structures & Dynamics Lab, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Mississippi (25 students /semester) (Instructor: Prof. P.R.Mantena). Conducted lab for structural and materials testing with data acquisition, including nondestructive testing, modal analysis and photo-elastic analysis. Prepared and delivered 45 minute pre-lab lectures and exams. Graded assignments and exams. Mentored and trained students in the use of finite element, vibration DAQ and general-purpose programming software.

  • Teaching Assistant, Aug. 2003 to Dec. 2004: ASTR 103, Laboratory Physics and Astronomy, Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Mississippi (100 students /sem.) (Instructor: Prof. Tibor Torma). Developed laboratory experiments and curriculum. Handled lectures and labs for 4 sections. Maintained optical and image processing equipment for CCD Astronomy. Held physics tutoring/help sessions twice weekly.

  • Teaching Assistant, Aug. 2001 to July. 2002: ENGR 309 , Statics.




  • US Patent # D698,865, Collapsible three dimensional vector demonstration and measurement device- UM 8310 granted on February 4, 2014. 

  • Indian Patent Application No. 201841039017, Helical Interlock System for Rapid Erection of Pre-Cast Members, submitted on  October 15, 2018. 

  • Indian Patent Application No. 201841047593, DIC Based Rapid Condition Assessment System For Structural Health Monitoring Using QR Code Based Speckle Pattern, submitted on Dec 17, 2018. 



  • Tezeswi Tadepalli, Vijayabaskar Narayanamurthy, Recent Advances in Applied Mechanics,  Proceedings of Virtual Seminar on Applied Mechanics VSAM 2021Series title - Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering, Feb 2022, SPRINGER, ISBN: 978-981-16-9538-4.


Book Chapters

  1. K. Swarna Swetha, T.P.Tezeswi, Emerging Research Topics and Major Waste-Generating Materials in Construction and Demolition Waste Management: A Scientometric and Beneficial Index Analysis, Building Construction and Technology, Part of the Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering book series (LNCE,volume 360), July 2023, Springer,https://doi.org/10.1007/978-981-99-3526-0
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Conference Proceedings

  1. Jagadeesh Bommisetty, Tadepalli Tezeswi, Peridynamics Based Simulation Of Taylor Impact, 3rd International Conference on Recent Advances in Materials & Manufacturing Technologies (IMMT 2023), November 20-23, 2023, Dubai, UAE (Accepted)

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Technical Reports

  • T.Tadepalli, Damian Stoddard, Steven Stewart and A.M.Rajendran, High Strain Rate Testing of Polyurea Using A Polycarbonate Compressive Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar System, Internal UM report, April, 2012.
  • R.Mantena, T.Tadepalli,Shear Properties of Laminated Composite Specimens by ARCAN test method, Internalreport submitted to Dr. C. Song (PI), Dept of Civil Engg., University of Mississippi, as part of ongoing DHS-SERRI Project #70023, Feb., 2011.
  • R.Mantena, T.Tadepalli,Short beam shear behavior of Laminated Composite Specimens, Internal report submitted to Dr. C. Song (PI), Dept of Civil Engg., University of Mississippi, as part of ongoing DHS-SERRI Project #7002, March 2011.
  • Tadepalli, End-to-End NEEScentral Data Repository: Hands on Tutorial, Online help manual for NEEScentral data repositoryUCSD, Updated May 2009.
  • TadepalliBAM: Theory & User Manuals, Internal report, Hinman Consulting Engineers, July 2008


Under Preparation

  • V.P. Gudepu, T.Tadepalli, Multi-Agent Based Simulation Of Evacuation From A Public Building (Fire Safety Journal)
  • Harsha Praneeth,T.Tadepalli, Mechanical Properties Of Major Cement Constitutents At Elevated Temperatures Using Molecular Dynamics, (Computational Material Science).
  • Murali Krishna, T.Tadepalli, Reduced Order Modeling Of Blast Response Of Concrewall Structural Composite Panels, (Journal of Sandwich Composites)
  • Sumit Kumar Dutta, T.P.Tezeswi, Post-Earthquake Debris Management for Urban Areas.



https://orcid.org/ 0000-0001-69, 67-2065


Google Scholar


PHDs Supervised

Ph.D Guidance

Awarded (Main Guide)

  1. P. Harsha Praneeth (Ph.D, Dec 2014-June 2020): Micro-structure Based Multi-scale Thermo-Mechanical Characterization Of Reinforced Concrete. 
  2. B. Murali Krishna (Ph.D, Dec 2015-Aug 2020): Image Based Framework For Condition Assessment Of RCC Bridge Girders. 
  3. K. Swarna Swetha (Ph.D, Dec 2017-Oct 28, 2022): A Holistic Approach to Waste Management in Indian Construction Industry.   (Co-Guide: Dr. MVN Sivakumar)
  4. V. Guru Prathap Reddy (Ph.D/JRF, Dec 2018-July 6, 2023):  Condition Assessment of RC Bridges under Combined Deterioration Action. (Co-Guide: Prof. P. Rathish Kumar)
  5. G.T.L. Priyanka (Ph.D, Jan 2015-July 31, 2023): Mechanical Response of 3D Printed Materials For Aerospace Applications. 

Ongoing (Main Guide)

  1. Sri Harika Vasamsetti (Ph.D/JRFOct 2020-Ongoing) : Condition Assessment of  Composite Armour Panels
  2. Samudrala Krishna Priya Rao (Ph.D/SF,  Sept 2021-Ongoing): Thermo-mechanical characterization of multi-component binder based FRC
  3. Jagdeesh Bommisetty (Ph.D/PT,  Sept 2021-Ongoing):  Peridynamic modelling of High velocity impact on composites
  4. Abhishek R (PhD/PT, CTM, Ongoing) : Work package delivery (Co-Guide : Dr Ramesh Nayaka)
  5. Akula Prakash (PhD/PT, CTM, Ongoing): Structural health monitoring
  6. Nagaraj Tattien (PhD/PT,  Aug 2022-Ongoing) - High  strain  rate  response characterization of UHPC. (Co-Guide : Dr B. Umesh) 
  7. Shaik Shakeer Ahamed (PhD/FT,  July 2023-Ongoing)- Fracture mechanics of brittle materials. (Co-Guide : Dr MVN Sivakumar) 

Ongoing (Co-Guide)

  1. Alemayehu Letamo Hambamo (Ph.D/ICCR, Aug 2019-Ongoing): Simulation of tectonic deformations in Ethiopian Rift System for EQ prediction. (Main Guide: Dr.B.Kavitha)
  2.  Vanga Renuka (Ph.D, Dec 2020-Ongoing): Reheology and creep of special concretes (Main Guide: Dr.S.V.Rao)
  3. Tangudu Manoj (Ph.D/PT, Sept 2021-Ongoing) -Structural health monitoring of bridge Structures (Main Guide: Dr.D. Raviprasad)
  4. Col. Ravinder Singh (PhD/PT,  Aug 2022-Ongoing)Disaster Management,  School of Business, SR University (Main Guide: Dr.Abdul Razak)


Looking for - Motivated PhD candidates / Post-Doc  with interest in experimental and numerical studies of :

  •   Imaging based NDT of RCC & Steel structures
  •   Deterioration & Reliability studies on RCC, Steel & Composites.
  •   Multi-hazard (natural & manmade) vulnerability and risk assessment of built infrastructure 
  •   Dynamic fracture phenomena of brittle materials
  •   High velocity impact 
  •   MD Simulation of Material response to extreme loading


Dissertation Committee Member

  • Oggu Praveen (715010),  CED-ES
  • Madhavi Latha Kasulanati (701907),  CED-ES
  • Sai Chaitanya (701901), CED-ES
  • T. Nagapurna Chandan (720008), CED-ES
  • Satish Polu(701903), CED-ES
  • M. Umakanth (717024)  , MED
  • B.Sravanthi (720010), CED-TE
  • Vutla  Sai Naga Kishore (721045) , MED
  • Aruna K. (719122) , SOM
  • Ashish Srivatsav (716149), M&MED
  • V. V. M. J. Satish Chembuly (715029) , MED
  • K. Shanthi Sri (720003), CED-CTM
  • K. Srikanth (717004), CED-TE


M.Tech Guidance

  1. J. Praveen Rao (Roll No:131511, M.Tech, ES, 2015): Blast response of Pre-cast Sandwich Composite Structural Panels
  2. Nihil Sorathia (Roll No:131523, M.Tech, ES, 2015): Vulnerability Analysis Of Seismically Designed RC Buildings Subjected To Blast Hazard
  3. G.Veera Pratihas (M.Tech, C TM, 2015):  Multi-Agent Based Simulation Of Evacuation From A Public Building.
  4. K.Sneha (Roll No:131564, M.Tech, CTM, 2015): A Comparative Study Of Construction Using Pre-Cast Sandwich Composite Panel And RC Moment Frame With Brick Infill
  5. Preetam Agadi (Roll No:141522M.Tech, ES, 2016): Vulnerability and Multi-Hazard Risk Assessment of Critical Structures in Greater Warangal City.
  6. Navneet Kabra (Roll No:151520, M.Tech, ES, 2017): Micro-structural Characterization and Constitutive Modeling of 3D Printed Material.
  7. Sumeet Kumar Dutta (Roll No: 151577M.Tech, CTM, 2017): Post Disaster Debris Management.
  8. Ch. Murali Krishna (Roll No: 151574M.Tech, CTM, 2017): Planning Tool for Blast Mitigation.
  9. K.Vinay Reddy (Roll No: 141511, M.Tech, ES, 2017): Seismic Characterization of Highway Bridges.
  10. S.Siva Shankar (Roll No:161571, M.Tech, CTM, 2018): Assessment of  Waste Created During Construction.
  11. Kamlesh Kumar(Roll No:171511, M.Tech, ES, 2019): Mechanical Characterization Of Poly Lactic Acid Material 3d Printed In Different Orientations.
  12. Md. Shafee (Roll No:171564, M.Tech , CTM , 2019): Condition Assessment Of RC Road Bridges Using Artificial Neural Networks (ANN).
  13. L Pranay Kumar (Roll No:171512, M.Tech, ES, 2019): Image-Based Analysis Of Concrete Deterioration.
  14. Zahidullah Shahidi (M.Tech, CTM, 2019):  Extended Theory Of Planning Behaviour On Construction Waste Management.
  15. Hikmatullah Momand (M.Tech, CTM, 2019): A Statistical Approach To Construction Waste Management.
  16. Tanuj Saxena (Roll No:181525, M.Tech, ES, 2020): Seismic  Vulnerability Assessment Of MoRTH Bridges 
  17. Chilukuri Saideep (Roll No:181511, M.Tech, ES, 2020): High Strain Rate Characterization of 3D Printed PLA
  18. Shaik Mohammad Ansari (M.Tech, CTM, 2020): Post Earthquake Debris Estimation and Management For Tier-II City (Warangal)
  19. Venkata Murali M.(Roll No:CE18722,M.Tech,CTM,2020):Motivators and Barriers in C&D Waste Mgmt Strategies and Optimization of C&D Waste
  20. Tejavath Sirisha (Roll No: 191529, M.Tech, ES, 2021) : SHM of composite plates
  21. K. Vamsi Gopala Krishna (Roll No:191511, M.Tech, ES, 2021) : Reliabilty of RCC  structures 
  22. Banoth Prem Kumar (Roll No:191556, M.Tech, CTM , 2021)Estimation of Construction and Demolition Waste for a City on Basis of Floor Area Ratio
  23. Gundeti Srimadhusai (Roll No:191562, M.Tech, CTM , 2021) : Construction Site Waste Management Plan for A Residential Building
  24. Aparna Adatiya ( M.Tech, ES, 2022) : Reliabilty of Deteriorating RCC Bridges 
  25. Sanket VinayakRao Khonde (M.Tech, ES, 2022) : Low velocity impact on composite plates
  26. Bhanu Kesanapalli (M.Tech, CTM, 2022) : Deterioration modeling of Concrete
  27. Uppari Rishi Varun (M.Tech, CTM, 2022) : Imaging based deterioration assessment of Concrete 
  28. Aparna Kyatam (M.Tech, ES, 2023) :Johnson Holmquist 2 (JH 2) Model Of Ultra High Performance Concrete
  29. Harshit Maithil  (M.Tech, ES, 2023) :Characterization Of Uhmwpe Panels Under Low-velocity Impact
  30. Saurav Lingwan (M.Tech, ES, 2023) :Ballistic Performance of Ceramic and UHMWPE composite
  31. Minchala Pawan Kalyan (M.Tech, CTM, 2023) : Deterioration Assessment Of Concrete Using Artificial Neural Networks


B.Tech Guidance

  1. Deva Himalay, Mani Saxena, Yogesh Berwal, Jackson Kiko (B.Tech, 2015): Micro-structure Based FEA modeling of Bamboo Panels for Structural Applications.
  2. V.H.Sai Krishna, S.Sujay Kumar, Ankur Malik, Jose Ricardo (B.Tech, 2015): Effect of void distribution on Mechanical properties of 2D homogenous plate.
  3. Ankita Sakalabaktula, Subham Baranwal, Md. Hasim Yasa, Tamila Langa (B.Tech, 2016): Seismic vulnerability assessment of NIT Warangal.
  4. Abhinav Ayan, Soumya Ranjan, Tsheten Wangchuk, Nidup Tshering (B.Tech, 2016): DIC based structural health monitoring.
  5. Mounika Gandla, Mohamad Faraz, Mahmud Pasha (B.Tech 2017): Characterization of Thermal Properties of OPC and SFRC.
  6. Aman Kumar, Shubham Jain, Kataboi Jacob (B.Tech, 2017): Design of a RC G+5 Composite Steel RCC. Commercial Building.
  7. B. Ashok Vardhan Reddy, A. Snehitha, Budhdevsingh Shekhawat, C. Nikhil Reddy (B.Tech, 2020): Replacement of fine aggregate with dune sand in concrete
  8. Gursimar Singh Oberoi, Yogesh Meena, Ganam Anirudh  (B.Tech, 2022) ANN based deterioration assessment of Concrete 
  9. K. Rishi Preetham, Suryansh Chandel, Rajesh Valadasi (B.Tech, 2023): Mechanical Poperties of Fiber Reinforced Multi-Component Binder Based Concrete


Summer Interns Hosted

  1. Chetana Bollepally,  B.Tech IIT Madras (2016 & 2017) 
  2. Sai Asrith Pyla,  B.Tech NITW (2020 & 2021)
  3. Gursimar Singh Oberoi , B.Tech NITW (2021)
  4. Vishnu, B.Tech NITW (2021)


 Workshops Conducted

  • Coordinator, 3-day in-house workshop on Open source software for civil engineering applications (OSSCEA), 17st-19th Oct 2014
  • Coordinator, Remote Workshop on Seismic Design of RC Structures Conducted at VNIT-Nagpur in collaboration with Norway, Dec 2014
  • Coordinator, Two-week GIAN Workshop on "Dynamic Failure of Materials", June 13-23, 2016.
  • Coordinator, 3-day Faculty Development Programme on "Advances in structural Health monitoring for Civil Infrastructure (ASHMCI)"  during 22-24th March 2017.
  • Coordinator, 3-day TEQIP workshop on "Bio-inspired Materials by Design: Issues and Challenges" , during Nov. 19-21, 2018
  • Co-coordinator, 5-Day GIAN Workshop on " Experimental Modal Analysis: Applications in Civil and Mechanical Engineering Systems" , during Jan 31-Feb 4, 2022
  • Co-coordinator, 2-Day International Conference "Cement and Building Koncrete for a sustainable and Resilient infrastructure (CBKR-2023)", during 28-29 March 2023
  • Co-coordinator, One-day webinar on “Smart Career planning and opportunities in core Engineering Branches (Mechanical & Civil Engineering), held on July 22, 2023.


Invited Talks

  • Keynote Speaker, 3-day workshop on “Finite Element Applications in Engineering Analysis”, 10-12 February 2017, NITW.
  • Resource Person, "Limit State Design of Steel Structures (LSDSS)", 20-24 February 2017, NITW.
  • Invited Speaker, "Design and Analysis of Concrete Gravity Dams using Software Applications", Engineering Staff College of India, 15-19 March, 2017 Hyderabad.
  • Chief Guest, Delivered talk on “Scientific Method”, at National Anveshika Experimental Skill Test Jointly Organized by Indian Association of Physics Teachers and Vijnana Bharathi at New Science Degree College, Hunter Road, Hanamkonda, August 20, 2017.
  • Invited Speaker, “Structural Fire Resistance of Concrete Requirements and Necessity of Codal Provisions” , at 5th National Conference on Pre-Engineered and Pre-Cast Concrete Structures (PEPSCON-2018), VR Siddhartha Engg College, Vijayawada.
  • Distinguished speaker and member of expert panel- “Blast Resistance Design” at two day workshop on Applied Impact mechanics, Research Center Imarat (RCI)-Hyderabad, Feb15-16, 2018.
  • Invited Speaker, "Blast resistant design of structures- a perspective from multiple scales"  One week online FDP -Performance of Engineering Structures Under Extreme Loadings,  at Vignana Bharati Institute of Technology (VBIT), June 8th-13th, 2020.
  • Resource Person for -"Health Monitoring of Structures & Vulnerability and risk assessment of structures",  One week online FDP - “Infrastructure challenges and future scenario in Civil Engineering: a global perspective” at Sri Venkateswara College Of Engg and Technology (SVCET), Etherla, Srikaulam, A.P, June 14th to 19th, 2020
  • Invited Speaker, "FEA applications to Composite materials & vibration problems",  One week  AICTE Sponsored online STTP  - “Advances in Finite Element Method For Industry & Research Applications” , Vasavi College Of Engineering,  August 3rd - 8th,  2020 , September 12 &  Nov 24th, 2020.
  • Invited Speaker, "Modelling of Polymer Composites and Cementitious materials"Advanced Computing in Civil Engineering (ACCE): Series-1: Advanced Computational tools in Structural Modelling and Analysis & Transportation and Traffic systems, VNRVIJIT, Nov 28, 2020.
  • Invited Speaker,  "ANN For Structural Health Monitoring Of Structures ", AICTE Sponsored One Week STTP, By  Dept of Civil Engg  ON “Applications of Neuro-Fuzzy Techniques in Civil Engineering, MVSRCE, Dec 8th, 2020
  • Invited Speaker, " Safety Considerations in Civil Engineering Projects", Telangana Academy for Skill and Knowledge (TASK),  23rd, March - 2021.
  • Invited Speaker, "Computational Aspects of Cementitious Materials",  ATAL AICTE FIVE DAY Faculty Development Program (online) On “Advanced Concrete Technologies”, Nov 12th, 2021.
  • Invited Speaker, "Fracture and Fatigue at Atomistic and Molecular Scales, Testing systems",  ATAL AICTE FIVE DAY Faculty Development Program (online) On “Fracture Mechanism of Concrete Structures ”, Dept. of Civil Engineering, Osmania Univerisity, Dec 6th, 2021.
  • Invited Speaker, "Machine Learning For Structural Health Monitoring", Applications of Soft Computing Techniques in Structural Engineering, ASCSE 2022, CSIR-SERC Chennai,  January 24-25, 2022
  • Invited Speaker, " Waste Management In Indian Construction Industry" 09 Days Virtual Faculty Development Programme (FDP)' on "Advances in Sustainable Construction Materials and Technologies", NIT Warangal & BITS Pilani -Hyderabad, 18- 27, July 2022. 
  • Resource person for "High strain Rate Testing of Materials" at STUTI Workshop on Evaluation of Materials Properties under Dynamic Loading, NIT Warangal, January 19-25,  2023.
  • Invited Speaker, "Multiscale Modeling in Solid Mechanics", A Two-day ISAM sponsored research workshop, Indian Institute of Technology (Banaras Hindu University), July 13-14,  2023


Training/Workshops Attended

  • Faculty Training Program on "LMS with MOODLE", NIT Warangal, July 28-31, 2020
  • Short Course on Non-Linear Finite Element Method, IIT-Hyderabad December 16-19,2014
  • TEQIP workshop on Advanced Construction Management, IIT Delhi, June, 2014.
  • Certified in Operational and Safety protocols of two-stage shock tube at UM, June, 2011.
  • Vishay Micro-Measurements, W65 Strain Gage Workshop, Hunstville, AL, Nov. 2010
  • Structural Design for Blast Effects, Pre-Congress Workshop, SEI 2006, St. Louis, IL , May 2006
  • Introduction to Arc GIS-II, MARIS Training Center, Jackson, MS, July 2005
  • Summer workshop program, Grid computing and its application in scientific data analysis, GriPhyN,
  • iVDGL, UT Brownsville, TX, June 2004
  • Summer workshop program, Gravitational Wave Detection and Analysis, CGWA, UT Brownsville, TX, June 2004
  • Basic Arcview Training, ESRI Course, Department of Geology, University of Mississippi, 2002


Ongoing Research Activities

  •  Imaging based NDT of RCC & Steel structures

  •   Deterioration & Reliability studies on RCC, Steel & Composites.

  •   Multi-hazard (natural & manmade) vulnerability and risk assessment of built infrastructure 

  •   Dynamic fracture phenomena of brittle materials

  •   High velocity impact 

  •  MD simulation of material response to extreme loading



  1. PI:  CARS Project DRDO-ER&DE: Determining JH2 constants for UHPC using SHPB, Rs. 17.7 Lakhs, June 2022.
  2. PI:  SERB  IMPRINT-2 Project titledNon-destructive damage detection and damage quantification in composite (HAP) panels,  Budget -Rs. 13.3 Million (1.33 Cr), March 2019.
  3. Co-PI: DST- FIST Project titled- To strengthen the research facilities in the department, Budget -Rs. 21.6 Million (2.16 Cr), Feb 2019.
  4. Initiator: Center of Excellence for Multi-Hazard Disaster Preparedness & Response, Dept. of Civil Engg, NITW, Sponsored under HEFA, Budget -Rs. 40 Million (4 Cr), Feb 2018
  5. PI :  MHRD IMPRINT-1 Project, titled- A simple and robust non-contact method for rapid structural health monitoring of critical infrastructure using Digital Image Correlation. Budget -Rs. 3.85 Million (38.5 L), 2016.
  6. PI : DRDO- AR&DB Project, titled- Modeling and Experimental Characterization of Functionally Graded Materials Subjected to Extreme Loading Conditions. Budget- Rs 3.377 Million (33.77 L) , 2016.
  7. PI: Research Seed Grant, NIT-Warangal, Multi scale modeling of materials and structures subjected to extreme loading conditions. Budget- Rs. 0.5 Million (5 L), 2014.
  8. Co-PI: DURIP-DoD Project , USA.  Prof. P.R Mantena (PI) and Prof. A.M. Rajendran (Co-PI),  Budget - $0.25 Million (Rs. 1.86 Cr), 2013.


CONSULTANCY WORK   (~ Rs. 1 Crore worth of  consultancy works completed)

Vetting of designs and drawings

  • Residential & Commercial buildings (RCC/Steel/Precast/Pre-engineered)
  • OHT,  STP
  • Skew bridge
  • Blast Resistant Design

Condition assessment & retrofit design 

  • RCC Structures

Concrete Mix Designs

  • RCC, Rigid pavements, irrigation works

Awards and Honors

Honor society membership

Chi Epsilon



EIT-Michigan (2004)



  • Mississippi Academy of Sciences, Best poster presentation award, 2005
  • Scholarship & Meritorious Student Award, CGWA, UT Brownsville, June 2004
  • Graduate Honors Fellowship, The University of Mississippi, August 2001-December 2003

Additional Responsibility

 Reviewer of Journals

  • Journal of Composites-B
  • Journal of Sandwich Structures and Materials
  • Journal of Composite Materials
  • Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures
  • Springer plus
  • Mechanics of Materials
  • Open Journal of Composite Materials (OJCM)
  • Journal of The Institution of Engineers (India): Series A
  • Journal of Structural Engineering, CSIR-SERC
  • Journal of Advances in Civil Engineering
  • Journal of Vibration and Control
  • ASME District-F ECTC Journal


Books Reviewed

  • Reinforced Concrete Mechanics and Design- McGregor &Wight, Global Edition, May 2015


Member of Editorial Board

  • Editor, Proceedings of VSAM , Indian Society for Applied Mechanics, Springer Nature
  • Associate Editor, Journal of Advances in Civil Engineering
  • Associate Editor, ASME-District -F Early Career Technical Journal


National Committee Work / Reviewer

  • Member (Academic Expert), Peer Review Committee for Project on Development of Wheeled APC 6X6, DRDO-VRDE, Ahmadnagar.


Professional society membership

  • Council for Vibration Specialists - Fellow
  • Indian Society for Applied Mechanics (ISAM) -Life Member
  • Pre Engineered Structures Society of India- Life Member
  • American Society of Civil Engineers
  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • American Society of Composites
  • NEES


Service to Institution/Outreach activities

NIT-Warangal, India

  • Member, Institute Safety Committee, (August 2023 onwards)
  • Member, National Education Plan Implementation Committee, (July  2023 onwards)
  • Division Head, Structures  Division (July 2022 onwards)
  • Member, Institute Information Advisory Committee (2021 onwards)
  • Member, LMS Technical Committee (2020)
  • Member, Data Analytics Working Group (2020 onwards)
  • Faculty In-charge Structural Engineering Lab (2018 onwards) 
  • Co-coordinator M.Tech CTM Program (2018 -2019)
  • Faculty In-charge of International Students (2018 onwards)
  • Faculty Facilitator-Startup cell (2018 onwards)
  • Coordinator, Induction Program (2018)
  • Member, Adhoc-Faculty selection committee, Department of Civil Engineering (2017)
  • Member, NIRF Committee (2016 onwards)
  • Member, Institute Purchase Rules Committee ((2017 onwards)
  • Member of NIDHI-TBI proposal committee (2017)
  • Member, Adhoc-Faculty selection committee, Department of Civil Engineering, NITW (2017)
  • Faculty in-charge Astronomy Club (2014-2018)
  • Faculty in-charge Institute Fire Fighting System Management (2014-2018) 
  • Micro-observer ZPTC/MPTC and Lok Sabha Elections 



  • Special Invitee, BoS, Department of Civil Engineering, College of Engineering, Osmania University, May 2022


University of Mississippi, USA

  • Coordinator, upgradation of the ME Departmental website, 2013.
  • Track Chair,  ASME District-F Early Career Technical Conference, 2012-2013
  • Associate Editor, ASME District-F ECTC Journal, 2012-2013
  • Invited Lecture-Introduction to Matlab, ASME UM Chapter, Oxford, MS , Nov. 2011
  • Assistant Chief Proctor, NCEES, FE Exam, Oxford, MS, Oct. 2011-April 2013
  • Session moderator, Session 4B, Nano-Technologies-II, MAESC2011, Memphis, TN, May 2011.
  • Proctor, NCEES, FE Exam, Oxford, MS,  Oct. 2010 & Apr. 2011,
  • Mentor, NEESit, Graduate Summer Institute, 2009
  • Mentor, UCSD/NEESit,Research Experiences for Undergraduates Program, 2009
  • Student attendee, ASCE Committee on Performance of Structures During Construction, May 2006
  • Introduction to Engineering, ENGR 100, University of Mississippi, 2005-2007& 2011 (5 semesters)
  • Judge, Annual Region VII Science & Engineering Fair, University of Mississippi, 2003-2004/2011-2012
  • Contributor, Mississippi Fraternal Order of Police, 2002-2004
  • Volunteer, ASCE Adopt A Highway Program, 2001


 Leadership positions

  • Documentation lead, Hinman Consulting Engineers, 2008
  • Graduate Representative, Engineering Advisory Board, University of Mississippi, 2006
  • Secretary, India Association, University of Mississippi, 2001-2002
  • Student Representative, Department of Civil Engineering, Karnataka University, 1998-1999