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Prof. Umesh B.

Assistant Professor

Department of Civil Engineering

National Institute of Technology, Warangal - 506004, Telangana, INDIA

: umeshbcvl@gmail.com : 08712915568

Dr. Umesh B graduated in Civil Engineering from Kuvempu University, in 2007. He obtained his M.Tech., degree in Industrial Structures from Visvesvaraya Technological University, in 2011. He obtained his Ph. D in Structural Engineering division from IITH, in 2016. He joined NITK-surathkal as Adhoc faculty from  Dec-2016  to Apr-2018. He joined NIT Warangal, in April 2018 and is currently working as "Assistant Professor" in the Department of Civil Engineering.

Course Taught Previously

Courses Handled

Adhoc Faculty at NITK - surathkal: Under Graduate Courses

 Academic Year   Session Semester

Course Name

2016-17 Summer 6  Design of Foundations, Earth and Earth Retaining Structures
2016-17 Summer 4 Design of RCC structures 
2017-18 Winter 7 FEM Applications in Civil Engineering
2017-18 Summer 4 Design of RCC structures 


Courses Currently teaching at NITW: Under Graduate Courses

 Academic Year  Sem Semester

Course Name


2018-23 Odd 1/2 Engineering Mechanics 2
2023-24 Odd 5 Theory of Strucutres II 1


National Publications

1. G. Ravi, S. Raviraj and B. Umesh, "Fatigue damage of railway plate girder bridges a case study" , Journal of Structural Engineering, 39(6):695-700 (2013) (CS-0.50)

2. Umesh Basappa and Amirtham Rajagopal, "Modeling of CFRP strengthened RCC beam using the nonlinear nite element method", Journal of Structural Engineering, 40(2):169-184 (2013). (CS – 0.50)

International Publications

1. Niyazuddin, Umesh B, "Mechanical and Durability Properties of Standard and High Strength Geopolymer Concrete Using Particle Packing Theory", Construction and Building Materials,400(1-3), 2023, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.conbuildmat.2023.132722 (IF - 7.4)

2. Niyazuddin, Umesh B, "Analytical load-moment (P-M) interaction diagram for GFRP-reinforced rectangular concrete column in uniaxial bending", Materials Today: Proceedings, 2023 (CS – 3.20)

3. M.H. Prashanth, R. Manjunath, Abhilash Koppad, B. Umesh, Imran Kuttagola, “Experimental study on shear reinforced and shear deficient RC beams subjected to preloading and wrapping with CFRP sheets”, Materials Today: Proceedings, 2023 (CS – 3.20)

4. Arthesh Basak, Rajagopal Amirtham, Umesh Basappa, “The use of Contravariant Tensor Invariants to Model Damage in Anisotropic Soft Tissues”, Mechanics of Advanced Materials and Structures, 1-12, 2021, https://doi.org/10.1080/15376494.2021.1963019 (IF – 4.00)

5. Arthesh Basak, Rajagopal Amirtham, Umesh Basappa, Mokarram Hossain, “The Use of Contravariant Tensors to Model Anisotropic Soft Tissues”, International Journal of Applied Mechanics, 13(3), 2021, https://doi.org/10.1142/S1758825121500393 (IF – 3.22)

6. Basak, Arthesh, Amirtham Rajagopal, and Umesh Basappa. "Contravariant tensor algebra for anisotropic hyperelasticity", Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 2070(1), IOP Publishing, 2021. (CS – 1.00

7. Selvaraj Ambika, Umesh Basappa, Ananya Singh, Vijaya Gonugade, Rajveer Tholiya, “Impact of Social Lockdown due to COVID-19 on Environmental and Health Risk Indices in India”, Environmental Research, 196, 2021, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.envres.2021.110932 (IF - 6.40)

8. B Umesh and A Rajagopal, “Higher Continuous Approximation for the Assessment of Nonlocal-Gradient based Damage model”, Mechanics of Advanced Materials and Structures, 0(0):1-12, 2018, https://doi.org/10.1080/15376494.2018.1440038 (IF - 4.00)

9. B Umesh, A Rajagopal and J N Reddy, “One-dimensional nonlocal integro-differential model gradient elasticity model:  approximate solutions and size effects”, Mechanics of Advanced Materials and Structures, 0(0):1-14, 2017, https://doi.org/10.1080/15376494.2017.1373313 (IF - 4.00)

10. Umesh Basappa, Amirtham Rajagopal and J N Reddy, “Adaptive Isogeometric Analysis Based on a Combined r-h Strategy”, International Journal for Computational Methods in Engineering Science and Mechanics, 17(2):73-92, 2016, https://doi.org/10.1080/15502287.2016.1153171 (IF - 1.60)

PHDs Supervised

Under and Post Graduate students:

Sl No Under Graduate Students Academic Year  Title of the Project

Lakshmi Santhosh Kavungal (Roll No: 181130 )

Srinidhi Srinivas Kondala (Roll No: 181245)

Muqhtadir Qureshi Mohammed Abdul (Roll No: 181234)


Sai Sri Ram Vanukuru (Roll No: 191164)

Pavan Kumar Kanne (Roll No: 191131)

Avinash Karra (Roll No: 191133)

2022-23 Effect of Particle-Size Distribution and Specific Surface Area of different binder systems on Packing Density and flow characteristics of cement paste

Harish (Roll No: 191126)

Premchand (Roll No: 191224)

Bhanu (Roll No: 191237)

2022-23 Analytical Study on P-M interaction curve for axially loaded short column
Sl No Post Graduate Students Academic Year  Title of the Project

Rishabh Sharma(Roll No: 171515)

2018-19 Comparative analytical study of free vibration of Homogeneous and Functionally Graded Beam
2 J. R. Immanuel (Roll No: 181514) 2019-20 Plastic Analysis of Functionally Graded Plates
3 Veldhandi Sai Sanjay (Roll no.: 191533) 2020-21

Static Bending and Buckling Analysis of Unidirectional Functionally Graded Nano Beams

4 K Sai Sailendra (Roll no:191514) 2020-21

Artificial Neural Network Application For Predicting The Strength Of The UHPFRC


Nagaraju Koneti (Roll No: 201510)


Bending and Axial Capacity of Steel and FRP Reinforced Concrete Column

6 Akash Kumar Gupta (Roll No: 201501) 2021-22

Moment Capacity of Steel and FRP Reinforced Concrete Beam With and Without Prestressing

7 Vinayak Pille (RollNo: 21CEM1R29) 2022-23  Experimental Investigation of the Bond Behavior of Different Surafce Configuration of GFRP Bars into Geopolymer Concrete.
8 V Kartick (Roll No: 21CEM1R15) 2022-23

Experimental study of the bond behavior of GFRP bars, reinforced geopolymer concrete


Research Scholars:

Sl No Name Roll No Date of Joining Area of work
1 Niyazuddin 720016 28 September 2020 Mechanical Behavior study on FRP reinforced Concrete Structure
2 Tejas S. Shelgaonkar, 712009 1 September 2021 Structural Health Monitoring
3 Nagaraj T (Co-Guide) NN22CER2P05 4 January 2023  


International/National Conference Presented

1. Niyazuddin, Umesh B, "Analytical load-moment (P-M) interaction diagram for GFRP-reinforced rectangular concrete column in uniaxial bending", Advances in Construction Materials & Management (ACMM), 16-17th December, 2022, National Institute of Technology, Warangal, Telangana, India

2. Manjunath R, Imran Kuttagola, Abhilash Koppad, Umesh B, Prashanth M H, "Experimental Study on Shear Reinforced and Shear Deficient RC Beams Subjected to Preloading and Wrapping with CFRP Sheets", 4th Conference on Recent Advances in Materials and Manufacturing (ICRAMM 2022), 8-9th December 2022, Velalar College of Engineering and Technology Erode, Tamil Nadu, India.

3. Arthesh Basak, Amirtham Rajagopal, Umesh Basappa, "Contravariant tensor algebra for anisotropic hyperelasticity", International Conference on Advances in Physical Sciences and Materials (ICAPSM 2021), 12-13th August 2021, SNS College of Technology, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India.

4. Veldhandi Saisanjay, Umesh Basappa, "Analytical Solution for Nonlinear Static Bending Analysis of Functionally Graded Nanobeams ", Virtual International Conference on Sustainable Building Materials and Construction (ICSBMC-2021),  4 – 6th February 2021, NIT Surat, India.

5. Abhilash Koppad, Prashanth M H and Umesh B, "Experimental Study on Shear of RC Beams under Preloading and CFRP strengthening" 7th International Engineering Symposium (IES), Kumamoto University, Japan (2018).

6. Umesh Basappa and Amirtham Rajagopal, "An adaptive Isogeometric analysis for solving plane problems", eXtended Discretization MethodS (X-DMS), Italy (2015).

7. Umesh Basappa and Amirtham Rajagopal, "Optimal Parameterization for Isogeometic Analysis", APCOM & ISCM, Singapore (2015).

8. Umesh Basappa and Amirtham Rajagopal, "Higher order Natural element analysis of the Cahn-Hilliard phase-field model for strongly anisotropic systems", 10th World Congress on Computational Mechanics (WCCM), Brazil (2013)

Workshop Attended

1. Three days short course on "Finite Element Method",  IITH, 19-21 December 2012

2. International Conference on "Current Trends in Non-Classical Continuum Mechanics", NCM, NIT-Goa, 14-15 December 2015

3. Two day workshop on "Design Development of sustainable Concrete in the Era of Global Warming", NITK-Surathkal, 9-10 January 2017

4.  Three days short course on "Nonlocal Mechanics Approaches for Modelling Localized Deformations (NMAMLD 2020)", IITH, 19 - 21st Feb 2020. 


Funded Projects

1. Co-PI:  CARS Project DRDO-ER&DE: Determining JH2 constants for UHPC using SHPB, Rs. 17.7 Lakhs, June 2022.

2. PI: Research Seed Grant, MHRD, “Bending Analysis of functionally graded materials using iso-geometric analysis”. Budget- Rs. 5 Lakhs, July 2018-2020.

Consultancy Works 

Consultancy work of Rs 45 lakhs has been undertaken so far, which covers the following duties
•    Vetting of designs and drawings of Residential & Commercial RCC buildings, OHT
•    Condition assessment & retrofit design RCC Structures
•    Concrete Mix Designs, Material and Aggregate testing

Awards and Honors

1. Awarded First Place and a Gold medal for my undergraduate studies

2. Awarded an MHRD scholarship to pursue a PhD degree at IITH.

Additional Responsibility

Additional Responsibility:

Sl No Activity Duration
1 1K warden - Block A Jan 2021 - Dec 2022
2 Course coordinator for Engineering Mechanics (CE101) Academic year 2019-20 
3 Course coordinator for Engineering Mechanics (CE101) Academic year 2020-21 
4 ERP Coordinator - SMILE  Academic year 2021-22
5 ERP Coordinator - SMILE  Academic year 2022-23
6 ERP Coordinator - SMILE  Academic year 2023-24