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Prof. Vema Vamsi Krishna

Assistant Professor

Department of Civil Engineering

National Institute of Technology, Warangal - 506004, Telangana, INDIA

: vvamsikr@nitw.ac.in : 9445252205

 Professional Experience



December 2019 – Ongoing

Assistant Professor, 

Department of Civil Engineering,

NIT Warangal, Warangal, Telangana, India

September 2018 – November 2019

Post-Doctoral Research Associate,

Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering,

Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, USA

June 2018 – September 2018

Project Scientist,

Department of Civil Engineering,

IIT Madras, Chennai, India

July 2012 - May 2018

Research/ Teaching Associate

Department of Civil Engineering,

IIT Madras, Chennai, India


Educational Qualifications



Institute/ University


M. Tech + Ph. D*

Hydraulic and Water Resources Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India


B. Tech

Agricultural Engineering

Acharya N G Ranga Agricultural University, India


* Ph. D and M.Tech dual degree during the period 2012-2018.

Course Taught Previously

CE102 Envrionmental Science and Engineering
CE303 Engineering Hydrology
CE252 Engineering Hydrology
CE257 Hydraulic Engineering Laboratory
CE237 Fuid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines Laboratory
CE5764 Hydrologic Systems Modelling
CE5713 Integrated Watershed Management
CE5764 Advanced Hydrologic Modelling
CE5706 Computational Laboratory
CE5754 Hydrologic and Hydraulic Modelling Laboratory


 Journal Publications (Updated list can be found here)

  1. Senan, S., Thomas, J., Vema, V. K., Jainet, P. J., Nizar, S., Sivan, S., & Sudheer, K. P. (2022). A study of the influence of rainfall datasets’ spatial resolution on stream simulation in Chaliyar River Basin, India. Journal of Water and Climate Change, 13(12), 4234–4254. https://doi.org/10.2166/wcc.2022.273
  2. Manikanta, V., and Vema, V.K., (2022). Formulation of Wavelet Based Multi-Scale Multi-Objective Performance Evaluation (WMMPE) Metric for Improved Calibration of Hydrological Models. Water Resources Research. 58 (7), e2020WR029355, https://doi.org/10.1029/2020WR029355
  3. Vema, V.K., Sudheer, K.P., Rohith, A.N., and Chaubey, I., (2022). Impact of water conservation structures on the agricultural productivity in the context of climate change. Water Resources Management. 36, 1627-1644. https://doi.org/10.1007/s11269-022-03094-4
  4. Kumar, A., Vema, V.K., Kurian, C., Thomas, J., Sudheer, K.P. (2021). A decision support system for the identification of critical zones in a watershed to implement land management practices. Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment. 35, 1649-1664. https://doi.org/10.1007/s00477-021-01983-5
  5. Vema, V. K., Sudheer, K. P., Chaubey, I. (2020). Uncertainty on the hydrologic design of water conservation structures and its impact on the effectiveness of the structure. Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment, 34(7), 973-991, https://doi.org/10.1007/s00477-020-01814-z  
  6. Vema, V. K. and Sudheer, K P. (2020). Towards quick parameter estimation of hydrological models with large number of computational units. Journal of Hydrology, 587, 124983. ISSN 0022-1684, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jhydrol.2020.124983
  7. Kurian, C., Sudheer, K. P., Vema, V. K., Sahoo, D. (2020). Effective flood forecasting at higher lead times through hybrid modelling framework. Journal of Hydrology, 587, 124945 ISSN 0022-169. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jhydrol.2020.124945 
  8. Mandal, S., Vema, V. K., Kurian, C., Sudheer, K P. (2020). Improving the crop productivity in rainfed areas with water harvesting structures and deficit irrigation strategies. Journal of Hydrology, 586, 124818. ISSN 0022-1694,  https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jhydrol.2020.124818
  9. Vema, V, Sudheer, K. P., Chaubey, I. (2019). Fuzzy Inference System for Site Suitability Evaluation of Water Harvesting Structures in Rainfed Regions. Agricultural Water Management, 218, Pages 82-93, ISSN 0378-3774, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.agwat.2019.03.028
  10. Sudheer, K P., Bhallamudi, S M., Narasimhan, B., Thomas, J., Bindhu, V M., Vema, V., Kurian, C. (2019). Role of Dams on the Floods of August 2018 in Periyar River Basin, Kerala. Current Science, 116(5), Pages 780-794, http://www.currentscience.ac.in/php/forthcoming/31713.pdf 
  11. Vema, V., Sudheer, K. P., Chaubey, I. (2018). Hydrologic Design of Water Harvesting Structures Through Simulation-Optimization Framework. Journal of Hydrology, Volume 563, August 2018, Pages 460-469, ISSN 0022-1694, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jhydrol.2018.06.020
  12. Vema, V., Sudheer, K.P., Chaubey, I. (2017). Development of a Hydrological Model for Simulation of Runoff from Catchments Unbounded by Ridge Lines. Journal of Hydrology, 551, Pages 423-439, ISSN 0022-1694, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jhydrol.2017.06.012.

Conference Presentations


  1. Indhu, D. and Vema, V.K. (2023). Does the spatial variability of the rainfall events affect the efficacy of the hydrological models? EGU General Assembly, April 23-28, Vienna, Austria
  2. Vema, V.K. and Pattabiraman, B. (2023) Application of soil moisture in regionalization framework for predictions in ungauged basin and its uncertainty quantification. EGU General Assembly, April 23-28, Vienna, Austria
  3. Das, B., and Vema, V. K. (2022). Comparison of MCDM techniques to identify potential sites for soil and water conservation practices. Roorkee Water Conclave, 02-04 March, IIT Roorkee, Roorkee, India
  4. Nishanth, M., Indhu, D.B., and Vema, V. K. (2022). Impact of simulation uncertainty on flood inundation mapping. Roorkee Water Conclave, 02-04 March, IIT Roorkee, Roorkee, India
  5. Indhu, D.B., and Vema, V. K. (2022). A method to assess the influence of spatial variability of rainfall in flood prediction. Roorkee Water Conclave, 02-04 March, IIT Roorkee, Roorkee, India
  6. Vema, V., Kurian, C., Athira, P., Sudheer, K.P., and Chaubey, I. (2019). Impact of calibration objective function on the performance of hydrologic model. American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers Annual International Meeting, July 7-10, Boston, USA
  7. Kurian, C., Vema, V., Sridhar, S., Sudheer, K.P., & Sahoo, D., (2018). An analysis of the sensitivity of calibration objective function on a flood forecasting system. ASABE/ISAE Global Water Security Conference, October 3-6, Hyderabad, India.
  8. Vema, V., Sudheer, K.P. and Chaubey, I. (2018). Assessing Impacts of Watershed Management Practices on Crop Productivity under Climate Change Scenarios. ASABE/ISAE Global Water Security Conference, October 3-6, 2018, Hyderabad, India
  9. Vema, V., Sudheer, K.P. and Chaubey, I. (2018). Do uncertain hydrologic simulations cause variability in decisions arrived. American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers Annual International Meeting, July 29 – August 1, Detroit, Michigan, USA
  10. Vema, V., Sudheer, K.P. and Chaubey, I. (2018). Watershed management decisions in semi-arid regions by considering uncertainty in simulations. EGU General Assembly, April 8-13, Vienna, Austria
  11. Vema, V., Thomas, J., Mahalingam, J., Athira, P., Kurian, C., and Sudheer, K.P. (2018).  Uncertainty in the SWAT Model Simulations due to Different Spatial Resolution of Gridded Precipitation Data. International Soil and Water Assessment Tool Conference, January 10-12, Chennai, India.
  12. Vema, V., Sudheer, K.P. and Chaubey, I. (2017). A Simulation Model for Optimal Sizing of Water Harvesting Structures in Rainfed Agricultural Regions. American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers Annual International Meeting, July 16-19, Spokane, Washington, USA
  13. Vema, V., Sudheer, K.P. and Chaubey, I. (2017). Hydrological Simulation in Administrative Catchments in Participatory Watershed Management. 3rd International Conference on Status and Future of the World’s Large Rivers, Apr 18-21, New Delhi, India
  14. Chaubey, I., Vema, V and Sudheer, K.P. (2016). A Fuzzy Rule Based Decision Support System for Identifying Location of Water Harvesting Technologies in Rainfed Agricultural Regions. American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, Dec 12-16, San Francisco, USA
  15. Vema, V and Sudheer, K. P. (2015). A Grid Based Hydrological Model for Participatory Watershed Management in Administrative Catchments. Asia Oceania Geosciences Society, 12th Annual Meeting, Aug 2-7, Singapore.
  16. Pignotti,G., Vema, V., Rathjens, H., Raj, C., Her, Y., Chaubey, I., Crawford, M., Sudheer, K.P. (2014). Impact of Spatial Scale on Calibration and Model Output for a Grid-based SWAT model. American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, Dec 15-19, San Francisco, USA
  17. Vema, V., Nagesh, K., Palaniappan, R., Narasimhan, B and Sudheer, K. P. (2014) Free and Open Source GIS based Spatial Decision Support System for Participatory Watershed management. American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers Annual International Meeting, July 13-16, Montreal, Canada.

PHDs Supervised

PhD Scholars

S. No.

Name of Scholar

Research Topic

Joining Date



Dasari B. Indhu

Enhancing the flood predictions by considering spatial variability of hydrological variables in hydrological modeling




C. Mahammad Rafi

Strategies to mitigate climate change impacts in a river basin

August 2021



K Veerendra Gopi

Assessing the Surafce water and ground water interactions under climate change Scenarios

August 2021



Aashi Agarwal

Improving ecohydrological model predictions using remote sensing data

August 2022


M Tech Thesis Supervision

S. No.

Name of the Student

Thesis Title



Y. Soma Raju

Comparative Study on Rainfall Forecasting by Using Artificial Neural Network and Support Vector Machine



Nishanth Mothkuri

Impact of Simulation Uncertainty on Flood Inundation Maping



V. Sharath

Climate Change impact  on Upper Tungabhadra Basin and Identification of Critical Areas using SWAT Model.



V. Rishi Reddy

Integration of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Geographic Information System (GIS) for Route Optimization and Procurement of Building Materials



Bhabhesh Das

Effect of soil and water conservation practices on the hydrology of watershed using RS-GIS tools and Hydrological Modelling



Deepak Kumar

Assessment of compound climate extremes under climate change scenarios



Pattabiraman B.

Prediction in Ungauged basin: Uncertainty Quantification in Regionalization using Remote Sensing Products



K Vineeth Reddy

Efficient irrigation water allocation to improve the crop productivity under rainfall forecast uncertainty




Workshops/Conferences Organized

  • SERB sponsored high end workshop on “Modelling hydrological extremes under changing climate”, NIT Warangal, 02-08 January 2023.
  • Organizing committe member of 'Internations Virtual Conference on Innovative Trends in Hydrological and Environmental Systems' (ITHES) 28-30 April 2021.

Invited Talks

  • Application of hydrological modelling for planning of watershed management, Modern Techniques and Tools in Water Resources Management, NIT Andhra Pradesh, 01-12 August 2022
  • Soil Conservation Measures, River, Sediment and Hydrological Extremes: Causes, Impacts and Management, NIT Warangal, 07-11 March 2022
  • Advanced surveying techniques for watershed management, AICTE sponsored Advanced Surveying Instruments and Techniques, AISSMS Pune, 26-February-2021
  • Watershed Management for Soil and Water Conservation, Webinar on Watershed Management, CMRIT Bangalore, 23-December-2020


  1. Decision Support System for Agriculture Water Management Strategies in Rainfed Agricultural Regions with Water Conservation Structures, NITW Research Seed Money, Budget: 5.00 lakhs, 2020-2022
  2. System studies for identification of most appropriate alternative plan for Subernarekha-Mahanadi Link project, National Water Development Agency, Budget:82.6 Lakhs, 2022-2023

Awards and Honors


  • Received DST International Travel Support for attending EGU General Assembly 2023 at Vienna, Austria
  • Recipient of IGCS Visiting Scholar Grant for conducting research at CAU Kiel, Kiel, Germany during March-May 2016.
  • Recipient of S.N. Bose Scholars Program Fellowship of Indo-US Science and Technology Forum, New Delhi, for a research visit to Purdue University during May-July 2014.
  • Received Gerhard Rouve Memorial Prize for best academic record in first two semesters of M. Tech Program of Hydraulic and Water Resources Engineering at IIT Madras.
  • Received MHRD Scholarship for M.Tech + Ph.D Program at IIT Madras.

Additional Responsibility

  • Committee member of NBA coordination team (2021-22)
  • Faculty coordinator for Civil Engineering III year B. Tech students (2022 Onwards)